Promotion Rules

Try TAAT™ on camera for a free carton!

If you are a current smoker aged 21+ in an eligible* U.S. state, you could get a free carton of TAAT™ by posting a video testimonial online by March 15, 2021!

You must follow all steps exactly as provided below in order to qualify:


  1. Request a free TAAT™ sample pack from, or purchase a pack of TAAT™ from your preferred retailer listed on the TryTAAT store locator. 
  2. Record and post a video testimonial (minimum of 60 seconds in duration) on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #trytaat and share your honest, candid feedback about the product. On supported platforms, please ensure your video is set to be viewable by adults only. Don’t forget to tag us @TAATglobal and use the hashtag #TryTAAT.
  3. Clearly state the following word for word: “Hello, my name is (YOUR FIRST NAME), I am (STATE YOUR AGE), I am a current smoker in (YOUR U.S. STATE), and I am posting this testimonial in exchange for a free carton of TAAT™ as part of their testimonial promotion”.
  4. Send an email to [email protected]with the subject line “2021 Testimonial Promotion” and include the following information:

– Link to your video testimonial

– Your date of birth (must be 21+)

– Mailing address for your complimentary TAAT™ carton (street addresses in eligible* states only)


A maximum of one carton of TAAT™ Original, Smooth, or Menthol will be awarded to each qualifying natural person who participates in this promotion. Submissions that do not satisfy all criteria specified herein based solely on the judgement of TAAT™ Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. may not be chased up for revisions, and may not be fulfilled as a result. Participants in this offer will be sent a carton of the same variety of TAAT™ that they sampled in their testimonial. Requests for a different variety cannot be guaranteed. Available until March 15, 2021 for smokers aged 21+ with addresses in eligible* U.S. states. This offer may be terminated or modified at the sole and absolute discretion of TAAT™ Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd., all rights reserved. By participating in this promotion, you irrevocably consent to the use/reproduction of the testimonial that you will have voluntarily posted, in whole or in part, by TAAT™ Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. or its affiliates, service providers, successors, or assigns. 

* This promotion is not currently open to participants with addresses in any of the following states: HI, IN, IA, KY, LA, MA, NY, SC, SD, TX, UT

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